Friday, August 30, 2013

Taylor Swift pens "Sweeter Than Fiction" for film One Chance

Taylor Swift was so moved when she saw a film that charts Paul Potts’s journey from amateur opera singer to unlikely maestro of a TV reality show that she decided to write a song for it.

The number, Sweeter Than Fiction, will be unveiled next Friday when the movie One Chance, starring James Corden as Potts, has its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The song — which Taylor wrote with Jack Antonoff, guitarist for the band Fun — plays during the movie’s final credits, but Taylor might be persuaded to give a live rendering following the gala screening in Toronto.
James Corden might even do a duet with her.

Actually, it’s a good, poppy song that makes the point that ‘life is sweeter than fiction’.

That’s certainly true of Potts’s rise from obscurity to national attention on Britain’s Got Talent.

Movie impresario Harvey Weinstein graciously credited Simon Cowell for getting Taylor involved in the soundtrack.

"Simon knows her through the One Direction connection and he thought she’d be touched by the film, and he was right because she was," Weinstein said when I bumped into him in New York. I gather Taylor’s looking at screenplays because she has hopes of making her big-screen debut.

There are certainly one or two musical films being developed that would suit her down to the ground.
I’m sure she’ll be bombarded by producers and studio executives when she joins James and actress Alexandra Roach on the red carpet in Toronto.

Taylor’s last involvement in a movie soundtrack was Safe & Sound on The Hunger Games.


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