Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Wanted to try new styles?

English-Irish outfit The Wanted are seemingly fed-up with their boyband reputation - and have revealed via Twitter that they’ll be taking on a new direction with their next album!

The band have found fame across the globe in the past couple of years, having seen their second album ‘Battleground’ go platinum here in the UK, and their singles reaching the Top 10 in North America.

But now, ahead of the release of their highly-anticipated third album ‘The Third Strike’, the band have revealed on Twitter that they’re going to write something completely different from the stuff on the record - and ‘see what happens’.

Who knows what the boys have got in mind - we could see the results of their writing sessions really soon, and we may never even get to hear it. We’ve heard that they’re rock fans, and dubstep seems to be the popular choice for pop artists to branch out too (although they usually suck) - what style would you like to see them take on? Let us know in the comment section below.

One place you may catch them performing something new, though, is their newly-announced show in Scarborough’s Open Air Theatre this June. Tickets go on sale tomorrow (Saturday 25th January) at 9am.


I hope it's different than from I Found You.

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