Saturday, November 10, 2012

Christina Aguilera talks Lotus, Britney and Carly

'Lotus' is just about to drop, are you nervous about how the public will react to it?
CA: I worked hard on this record, and it's definitely something i'm really proud of. I think my music always works best when I really connect with it, I wanted to show off my personality more this time, I have that flirty, dangerous side to me, but I can also be really vulnerable, it was all about showcasing all of these different emotions, and I worked with some great people who really understood my vision. I'm happy with the material and I think there's definitely something for everybody to enjoy.

You will probably have a new legion of fans now due to you being a judge on The Voice, have you taken styles from your previous albums to give them a taste of your back catalogue?
CA: There is actually a song on this record that is my "Fighter Part 2" so that was really awesome to record, I understand that a lot of my newer fans won't know a lot about my past music, so bringing back some of the styles that made me famous in the first place was something I definitely wanted to do, it's kind of like the best of both worlds, you're getting that old school Xtina, mixed with the new age Xtina, and she's pretty feisty. [Laughs]

Speaking of The Voice, how did you feel when Britney Spears joined it's rival show the X Factor?
CA: I was happy for her. [Laughs]

Did you take it personally?
CA: Here's the thing, for years we've been quoted as being rivals, but it really isn't like that. I'm happy for her.


I was surprised at first as I didn't really think it'd be her thing, I never really see her as someone who would want to sit there and judge somebody on their talent, it's just not a show I ever thought she'd be signed up for, but if she's happy, then that's all that matters.

So you're not worried about the ratings war that's going on at the moment?
CA: I didn't realize there was one. [LAUGHS]

You're no newcomer, but is there still a sense of pressure to get a hit single?
CA: Always. I don't think that ever goes away, you just learn to ignore it.

So we shouldn't expect your own 'Call Me Maybe' anytime soon?
CA: Never heard of it.

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